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We have received from one of our contributors, Paolo Forti, an unusual image, together with a description of the phenomenon observed and photographed by him. We remind you that none of the images or any other content of this site may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher (file "Redazione").
Given the originality of the report and photography, of which this is only a sample, all applications received by the editorial office will be submitted to the author for his individual evaluation and decision on the matter.
Iole Natoli (Editor)

What happened at Lake Maggiore?
Mysterious bright light in the water 
by Paolo Forti 

From a location in the hills above the village of Belgirate (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy), at 16.15 on Saturday November 15th 2008, I noticed and repeatedly photographed an unusual, very bright form, of unknown origin approximately four kilometres from my point of observation. This very bright form was apparently upon the surface of the water or just below it. The intense brightness was formed by three protuberances. After a few minutes the form assumed the appearance of three clearly distinct bodies, after which the longest one slowly turned grey, soon followed by the smallest one, giving them the appearance of having a solid  profile, very low on the surface of the water. Finally, these two bodies turned light grey  before disappearing. The largest and most intense globe remained bright for about 20 minutes before it too lost its brightness and turned grey, and then it disappeared without leaving any visible trace on the water. 
As shown by the images, taken with a Nikon D80 with a 135 mms lens, this bright form of notable dimensions presumably reached 30 to 50 meters in length. It was not possible to ascertain if the forms disappeared into the depths of the lake, or by some other means.
For several days I have observed these strange images without finding a reasonable explanation. I wonder whether there were perhaps strange and mysterious activities taking place in the lake, or experiments of an unknown kind.
A NASA Scientist to whom I have shown  the pictures, after a careful analysis confirmed that there was brightness under the water, but he was not able to explain the mysterious origin of the phenomenon.

© Paolo Forti

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